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Adoption, Care, and Safety

Below you will find a list of articles relating to adopting, caring for, and keeping safe retired racing Greyhounds.

All articles below have been located on the Internet, and copies are included in this archive for the benefit of Greyhound owners, veterinarians, and handlers. 



Title (link)       Description

A Guide for the Care and Training of the Retired Racing Greyhound   A detailed discussion involving everything from house preparation, living with other pets, including your Greyhound in your disaster planning, veterinary care, separation anxiety, etc,. as well as some basic training tips

Children and Greyhounds   A brief primer on introducing a Greyhound with a home with a child in it

Coming Home   From the Right Hound Right Home, this Greyhound adoption how-to paper provides lots of good tips on first-time Greyhound adopters.

Dental Care for your Pet Greyhound   An overview on caring for your Greyhound's teeth

The First Ten Days: A New Greyhound Owners Guide to Success   A brief guide to succeeding as a new Greyhound owner from the Forever Home Greyhound Adoptions.

The Greyhound Adoption Handbook   From the Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada, this thorough guidebook addresses what you need to know before bringing your Greyhound home.

Greyhound Basics: An Owner's Guide   Presented by the National Greyhound Adoption Program, a thorough review of things Greyhound owners need to know.

Greyhound Guide   A slightly less sophisticated but still informative presentation on all the things you need to know about bringing a Greyhound home and keeping it healthy and safe.

Greyhound Guide: For the Love of Greyhounds   From the Heart of Texas Greyhound Adoption organization, this guide covers all the basics a greyhound owner needs to know

A Guide for the Care and Training of the Retired Racing Greyhound   An unpolished but informative guide to caring for and training Greyhounds from the New Jersey Greyhound Adoption Program.

Homing a Greyhound with Other Dogs   A brief overview on introducing a Greyhound to a home with other dogs

Hounds of the Heartland   A slightly whimsical style describing adopting and caring for your Greyhound by the GPA of Central Oklahoma

Keeping Everyone Safe: Retired Racing Greyhounds and Children   A fact sheet compiled by Greyhound Racing Victoria, Australia

Owners Manual   A comprehensive guide to Greyhound care from the Central Florida chapter of Greyhound Pets of America.

Socialization or Habituation   An examination of the Racing Greyhound's beginnings in the kennel, and an explanation of how those early days of pack socialization affects the adopted Greyhound

Understanding Aggression   A discussion of what agression is, where it comes from, and how to deal with it from the Greyhound Adoption Program

Understanding Anxiety in Greyhounds   A discussion of anxiety in Greyhounds, how to recognize it, and how to address it

Untitled   From God's Greyts Greyhound Group, this amateur style handbook still contains a lot of useful informaiton about bringing a Greyhound home and keeping it safe.

Welcome to the Family   A detailed adopter's manual, from the Friends of Greyhounds, covering everything from the first to the last day of your retired racing Greyhound.


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