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Below you will find a list of articles pertaining to Greyhound health and medicine.

All articles below have been located on the Internet, and copies are included in this archive for the benefit of Greyhound owners, veterinarians, and handlers. 



Title (link)       Description

Bloat in Greyhounds   A discussion of bloat (GDV) for greyhound owners

Bone Cancer in Greyhounds   A high-level description of the features, diagnosis, and treatment of bone cancer in Greyhounds.

Characterization of Canine Osteosarcoma by Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization and RT-qPCR: Signatures of Genomic Imbalance in Canine Osteosarcoma Parallel the Human Counterpart   A clinical study comparing the similarities of Osteosarcoma in canines vs. humans.

Clinical Pathology of Greyhounds and Other Sighthounds   Unique physiological and hematologic characteristics in Greyhounds revealed in laboratory test results.

Common Injuries and Ailments in Racing Greyhounds   A veterinarian's account of common medical issues in Greyhounds including how to diagnose and treat each condition.

Demystifying Anesthesia   A brief overview of anesthesia for Greyhounds

Epsilon Aminocaproic Acid for the Prevention of Delayed Postoperative Bleeding in Retired Racing Greyhounds Undergoing Gonadectomy   A clinical study to evaluate the effectiveness of epsilon aminocaproic acid (Amicar) on postoperative bleeding in Greyhounds

Genome Biology: Genome-wide Analyses Implicate 33 Loci in Heritable Dog Osteosarcoma, Including Regulatory Variants Near CDKN2A/B   A study of genetic factors responsible for Osteosarcoma common to Greyhounds, Rottweilers, and Irish Wolf Hounds

Greyhound Medical Idiosyncrasies   A useful list and description of the most common clinical and health idiosyncrasies you and your veterinarian should know about RRGs.

Haematological and Biochemical Values in North American Scottish Deerhounds   Different physiological traits deerhounds have in laboratory results compared to the general dog population

Left Basilar Systolic Murmur in Retired Racing Greyhounds   A clinical study showed 67% of studied RRGs had a left basilar systolic murmur.  The study discusses the implications of these murmurs.

Making Sense of Blood Work in Greyhounds   A discussion of the differences between greyhounds and the general dog population with respect to blood test results.

Muscle Injuries in Racing Greyhounds, Diagnosis and Treatment   A discussion showing how to recognize, diagnose, and treat muscle injuries in greyhounds.

Pharmacokinetics of Oral Gabapentin in Greyhound Dogs   A research article on the effectiveness of of Gabapentin in Greyhounds

Plasma NT-proBNP Concentration in Retired Racing Greyhounds   A 1-page summary of Greyhounds different reference range for proBNP compared to the general population of dogs.

Evaluation of a Point-of-Care Hemostasis Analyzer in Healthy Retired Racing Greyhounds   A 1-page summary of differences of reference values for blood tests for RRGs compared to the general dog population

Postoperative Bleeding in Greyhounds   A clinical study on the risk of postoperative bleeding in Greyhounds

Prevelance of Dog Erythrocyte Antigens in Retired Racing Greyhounds   A clinical study examining the frequency of occurence of DEA 1.1 among RRGs

A Radiographic Survey of the Glenohumeral Joint in Racing Greyhounds   A clinical study of pathalogical changes observed in retired racing greyhounds with shoulder pain.

Results of a Web-Based Health Survey of Retired Racing Greyhounds   A survey that compiles the most common health concerns in RRGs

Review of the Water Diabetes Syndrome of Racing Greyhounds   A veterinarian's detailed presentation of Water Diabetes Syndrome in RRGs including classification, causes, and treatment options

Retrospective Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Epsilon Aminocaproic Acid for the Prevention of Postamputation Bleeding in Retired Racing Greyhounds with Appendicular Bone Tumors   A study of 46 greyhound cases in demonstrating the effectiveness of the application of  aminocaproic acid (Amicar) in the prevention of postoperative bleeding

Serum Creatinine Concentrations in Retired Racing Greyhounds   A clincial study showing the serum creatinine concentrations between Greyhound and non-Greyhound dogs when gathered through blood test laboratory resultes.

Thromboelastographic Tracings in Retired Racing Greyhounds and in Non-Greyhound Dogs   A clinical study examining the thrombelastographc (TEG) analyzer results for cell/protein interaction in Greyhounds compared to the general dog population

The Treatment of Elevated Liver Enzymes in Retired Racing Greyhounds using Orally-Administered Nutraceutical Compound   A retrospective study of 64 cases of RRGs with elevated AST, ALT, and other liver protein values with successful remediation of the liver enzymes to reference levels.

White-Coat Effect on Systemic Blood Pressure in Retired Racing Greyhounds   A clinical study evaluating the White-Coat Effect on measured blood preassure in RRGs.


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