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Below you will find a list of articles relating to training of retired racing Greyhounds.

All articles below have been located on the Internet, and copies are included in this archive for the benefit of Greyhound owners, veterinarians, and handlers. 



Title (link)       Description

Basic Commands   A 2-page summary showing how to teach simple commands such as 'come' and 'leave it'.

Indoor Kennel and Crate Training   A 2-page summary showing how to train your Greyhound to stay in an indoor kennel or crate

In-Home Greyhound Re-Training Guide   A detailed guide showing you how to train a Greyhound, with topics including socialization, separation anxiety, toilet training, and more.

Living with Cats   A 2-page summary showing how to train your greyhound to get along with cats and other small animals

Seperation and Anxiety Issues   A 2-page summary discussing separation anxiety issues in Greyhounds.


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